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Analogue chain
Vinyl and Digital mastering
A full analogue and digital production facility in the heart of London.
We specialise in reel-to-reel tape and vinyl mastering with our all-valve signal path, hi-fidelity digital masters (up to 192kHz), tape processing and 'layback' bringing special analogue warmth to your mixes, AAA and Direct-to-Disc recording and production. We have curated the best of vintage and modern equipment for our studio - tape machines for all formats and speeds, rare mastering equalisation dynamic outboard equipment and hi-end Audio Note and vintage monitoring playback systems.

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Vinyl Master Cutting:

1967 Haeco Scully disc cutting lathe with Westrex (Western Electric) 3DIIA cutting head and amps


Bespoke all-valve mastering EQ and mixing console built for Decca ~1958; Maselec MEA-2 Master Series EQ; Original Lang Pultec EQ; Urei high and low pass filters; Maselec MTC-2 Master Control with high and low-pass filters, stereo width control and elliptical filter


2x Telefunken U73b compressor / limiter; Maselec MLA-2 Compressor, Maselec MDS-2 De-Esser

Monitoring and Playback:

Speakers: Audio Note AN-E SPe/HE; Tannoy 12" Monitor Gold 'Cheviot'; Original Rogers LS3/5A; Audio Note AX-ONE

Amplifiers: Audio Note Tomei stereo power amplifier (211 valves); Audio Note M6 Phono pre-amplifier; Audio Note Meishu integrated amplifier (300B valves)

Turntables: Audio Note TT-TWO;  EMT 948; Dual HS130; Braun PC3 SV; Rega RP1

Tonearms: Audio Note ARM-TWO; Vintage Ortofon RMG 309 12" tonearm; Jelco TS-550L 12" tonearm

Cartridges: Audio Note IO1; EMT TSD15; EMT TND65 for 78rpm records; Denon DL103; Vintage Ortofon S15-T; Vintage Ortofon SPU mono; Assorted vintage Ortofon mono and stereo MC cartridges

Audio Note CD4.1x CD player; Nakamichi DR-2 cassette deck

Audio Note Sogon and Lexus cabling; Chord Anthem Reference and ChameleonPlus cabling


Studer H37: 1969 all-valve 1/2" tape machine with interchangeable 3-track and 4-track head. One of two left in the world and one of the only ways to read 1/2" multitrack tape

Studer C37: 1965 All-valve 1/4" tape machine with interchangeable stereo and full-face mono head

Philips Pro 51 EL3501: 1965 1/4" stereo tape machine using germanium transistors and incorporating 30ips

Studer A67: Professional tape machine with interchangeable 1/4-track and 1/2-track head for playback of historic domestic and broadcast tapes where both sides of the tape were used for economy


Microphones: 1959 RCA KU-3A "skunk" ribbon microphone; 2x 1950s Westrex 1142RA ribbon microphones (matched pair); 1950s Shure dynamic microphone

Microphone pre-amps: 2x Telefunken V72; 2x Telefunken V76; AEA TRP

Mixing: EAB Geiling / Telefunken V65C valve mixing console, 4-channel stereo

We are tied directly to Mark Ronson's Zelig studio for direct-to-tape / direct-to-disc recordings and productions

Digital & Restoration:

Apogee Symphony I/O with Symphony 64 Thunderbridge enabling up to 192kHz sample rate; Wavelab & ProTools workstations; Izotope RX for digital restoration

Audio Desk Systeme ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

Professional tape baking facility

Recent Clients:
International Anthem
Cadillac Records
Bryan Ferry
Kali Uchis
Jorja Smith
Travis Scott
Tekashi Murakami
Ronnie Wood
22a Records
Richard Thompson
Shirley Collins
Moses Boyd
Jeff Babko
Ashley Henry
Playback room

Our mastering studio and listening room, situated at Tileyard Studios in King's Cross, can accommodate up to ten guests for review and playback parties, company gatherings and under the radar listening sessions.

• Rare vinyl listening sessions
• Listen to Audio Note HiFi
• Digital vs. analogue review
• Test pressing quality control
• Relaxed after work grooves
• Educational and learning events

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‘Gearbox has one goal and that’s to produce the best sounding vinyl that can be made... the sound is like nothing else I’ve encountered’
– Jason Kennedy
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