– The Studio
Analogue chain
Vinyl mastering
A full analogue and digital production facility in the heart of London.
We specialising in reel-to-reel  and cassette tape mastering for our vinyl cuts  and digital masters as standard. The studio also features vacuum tube tape machines for all formats and speeds, rare and hi-end mastering equalisation and Audio Note monitoring amps. We also have up to 192 kHz digital and analogue mixing facilities.

The studio is available to hire with an hourly charge for mastering and cutting, transcriptions, edits, reviews and playback.
– Mastering Studio
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Haeco Scully lathe with Western Electric cutting amps and head


Maselec master control EQ, filters and de-esser; original Lang Pultec EQ; Urei high and low pass filters; ex-Decca bespoke all valve mastering desk.


Telefunken U73b compressor/limiter; Maselec limiter


Audio Note turntable, Meishi 300B valve integrated, 211 valve Tomei power amp, M6 valve pre amp with phono stage, speakers and cables; Rega RP1 with15 ohm Rogers LS 3/5A monitors; ex BBC MC EMT 948 reference turntable; assorted Ortofon mono and stereo MC vintage cartridges and 12" tonearm for playing transcription discs; Audio Desk Systeme ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


Studer C37 Studer H37; ex Decca Philips Pro51; Studer A671; professional tape baking facility

Restoration & Digital:

Apogee Symphony D to A/ A to D convertor with Symphony 64 Thunderbridge enabling 64 channels in and out at 192 KHz; Wavelab DAW; Izotope for restoration


1959 RCA KU-3A "skunk" ribbon microphone (only 600 made) and AEA mic pre V72 and V76 mic preamps; EAB Geiling Telefunken V65C Tube / Valve Audio Mixing  Desk

Recent Clients
Bryan Ferry
Travis Scott
Tekashi Murakami
Richard Thompson
Albert Hammond Sr.
Shirley Collins
Moses Boyd Exodus
Rosey Chan
Ashley Henry
William The Conqueror
RAK Records
Emily Barker
Gabrielle Aplin
Robert Mitchell
Greg Foat
John Fatum
Diggs Duke
Gabi Young
Misty Miller
Riot Jazz
Playback room

Our vinyl cutting studio, situated at Tileyard Studios in King's Cross, can accommodate up to ten guests for review and playback parties, company gatherings and under the radar listening sessions.

• Rare vinyl listening sessions
• Listen to Audio Note HiFi
• Digital v analogue review
• 1/4" & 1/2" & Cassette tape formats
• Test pressing quality control
• Relaxed after work grooves
• Educational and learning events

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‘With its satisfyingly fat vinyl platters, audiophile-friendly digital and imaginative catalogue of rediscovered gems (plus new recordings), LP specialist Gearbox is becoming one of the wonders of the age’
– Philip Johnson
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