Thiago nassif releases new album mente!



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brazil-based progressive artist thiago nassif releases his 4th album mente. co-produced by arto lindsay, who describes thiago as "the leading light of brazilian songwriters", the album features more than 20 musicians from rio de janeiro's buzzing, alternative arts scene. the sound is a crackling blend of tropicalia, electronic, art rock, noise, and no wave. 

available on vinyl, cd, and digital/streaming!



we will be Donating 20% of the proceeds from our online sales to UK indie record stores! You can nominate a shop during checkout process or via email, otherwise we will pick the one closest to your postcode. 


Spread the word through the hashtag #Fortheloveofindies.

Bastien keb
rabbit hole


we welcome bastien keb to gearbox with his first single of 2020, entitled rabbit hole. a warped anti-ballad of gently-layered vocals, dark clarinet harmonies, and nostalgia. 

Bastien keb is a film composer and solo artist originally from the midlands and based in salisbury. 

BLUE SOUL - Connect

we are delighted to announce the 'blue soul', a new single by trumpeter charles tolliver, is out now from his forthcoming album connect. the four-track album is out 31 july, and features jesse davis on alto saxophone, keith brown on piano, buster williams on double bass, and lenny white on drums. the album also brings together new york and london, with binker golding featuring on two tracks!

 stream blue soul here!



full animated video for village of the sun out now


The new video animation by village of the sun is now out on all relevant video platforms, featuring their eponymous debut track. 

directed by sophie colfer

Gearbox automatic mkII

the gearbox automatic mkII is now ready and available!

with an updated ortofon om10 cartridge and improved flat belt drive, the new model is a plug-and-play, audiophile-quality product - perfect for small spaces.

Read all about it HERE


gearbox records kissaten on soho radio



Darrel sheinman presents a gearbox special every 4th friday of the month on soho radio london. a mixture of rare blue notes, funk, soul, and gearbox catalogue gems.