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Theon cross


gearbox are proud to be releasing the debut album by tuba-ist theon cross on 15/02




sarathy korwar

my east is your west

Butcher Brown

Camden session



We're repressing this album to be shipped out at the end of january! If you didn't get a copy the first time, pre-order now.


the direct-to-disc album camden session is available now! Recorded at mark Ronson's Zelig studio and mastered in-house, listen to it now on spotify here

The new Gearbox Automatic Turntable has finally hit
the streets!

You can buy it outright from our website for the discounted price of £549 (RRP is £599), or via one of our payment plans.





fyah @ corsica studios

the launch party for theon cross' debut album fyah is happening next month at corsica studios!
7pm-10pm, friday february 15th.
Tickets below.

analog planet reviews the gearbox automatic

 "The sound produced by this turntable/phono preamp combo is rich and generously warm while also reasonable well-detailed."

gearbox records on soho radio.

every 4th friday of the month, from 4pm to 6pm.