With a commitment to 'put the ritual back in to music listening'

and 'to support new music and lost treasures on vinyl', the label

releases extremely high quality and previously unreleased

vinyl cuts as well as new recordings by contemporary artists.

Gearbox Records is a vinyl led record label with its own

analogue vinyl cutting facility at the Tileyard Studios

complex near King's Cross, London.

Founded in 2009, Gearbox has already established a catalogue of over 25 releases including limited editions and deluxe box sets, which are sold around the world through a network of specialist record stores and through

its own online music store.

‘With its satisfyingly fat vinyl platters, audiophile-friendly downloads and imaginative catalogue of rediscovered gems

(plus new recordings), LP specialist Gearbox is becoming one

of the wonders of the age’

Philip Johnson, The Independent


‘For those who prefer their jazz on vinyl, the redoubtable

UK-based Gearbox label - famed for their attention to detail

in regard to vinyl mastering - leads the way’

Charles Waring, Record Collector


‘Pure analogue jazz from vinyl-only label Gearbox is bucking

the digital trend by putting sound quality and sheer enjoyment

of the physical article above everything else’

Sally Evans-Derby, Jazz Journal


‘If you’re into post bop British Jazz, dedicated to analogue

sound and expensive heavy duty hi-quality vinyl, the website

of Gearbox Records has to be a regular stop-off’

Paul Bradshaw, Stereophonic Supply Company


‘Gearbox has one goal and that’s to produce the best
sounding vinyl that can be made....the sound is like nothing
else I’ve encountered’

Jason Kennedy, The Ear



The studio was principally built for Gearbox Records to master and cut its own records exactly how it wants, with no digital in the signal path or even a digital to analogue convertor to generate preview signals.
It features an all valve playback area
for vinyl and digital playback and for demonstrating great hifi provided by
our partners Audio Note.

The studio is available to hire with an

hourly charge for mastering and cutting,

transcriptions, edits, reviews and playback.


For a quote please email:



For a quote please email:


Our vinyl cutting studio, situated at Tileyard Studios in King's Cross, can accommodate up to ten guests for review and playback parties, company gatherings and under the radar listening sessions.

Rare vinyl listening sessions

Listen to Audio Note HiFi

Digital v analogue review

1/4" & 1/2" & Cassette tape formats

Test pressing quality control

Relaxed after work grooves

Educational and learning events


The lathe

Vintage Haeco Scully with Westrex
(Western Electric) heads and cutting amps.


The EQ

Vintage Lang Pultec EQ and limiter,
Maselec master control and de-esser,
Prism Maselec EQ. Ex-Decca all valve bespoke mastering desk.



Audionote turntable, 300B valve integrated, 211 valve Tomei power amp, M6 valve pre amp with phono stage, speakers and cables for mastering and high-end referencing; Dual HS130 with Rogers LS3/5A speakers and Tripletone stereo valve amp for mid-market hifi referencing.

Tape machines

Studer H37: 1969 All valve 1/2 inch interchangeable all valve 3 and 4 track tape machine. One of 2 left in the world and one of the only ways to read 1/2 inch valve multitrack.


Studer C37: 1965 1/4 inch interchangeable all valve stereo and full face mono tape machine.


Philips Pro51: 1965 Ex-Decca modified 1/4 inch germanium transistor 2 channel tape machine incorporating 30 ips .


Studer A671: Interchangeable quarter and half track professional machine for playback of historic domestic and broadcast tapes where both sides of the tape were used
for economy.


Vintage 1950’s Shure dynamic microphone.


Vintage RCA KU-3A ribbon microphone..

one of only 600 of these unidirectional ribbon mics made for Hollywood studios

in the late 1950s.


2 x Westrex 1142RA ribbon mics



Apogee Symphony D to A/ A to D convertor with Symphony 64 Thunderbridge enabling 64 channels in and out at 192 KHz;


Wavelab DAW;


Izotope for restoration

Equipment Summary



Haeco Scully lathe with Western Electric cutting amps and head



Maselec master control EQ, filters and de-esser; original Lang Pultec EQ; Urei high and low pass filters; ex-Decca bespoke all valve mastering desk.



Telefunken U73b compressor/limiter; Maselec limiter



Studer C37;

Studer H37;

ex Decca Philips Pro51;

Studer A671;

professional tape baking facility


Restoration & Digital:

Apogee Symphony D to A/ A to D convertor with Symphony 64 Thunderbridge enabling 64 channels in and out at 192 KHz;

Wavelab DAW;

Izotope for restoration



1959 RCA KU-3A "skunk" ribbon microphone (only 600 made) and AEA mic pre V72 and V76 mic preamps;

EAB Geiling Telefunken V65C Tube / Valve Audio Mixing  Desk



Audio Note turntable, Meishi 300B valve integrated, 211 valve Tomei power amp, M6 valve pre amp with phono stage, speakers and cables;

Rega RP1 with15 ohm Rogers LS 3/5A monitors;

ex BBC MC EMT 948 reference turntable;

assorted Ortofon mono and stereo MC vintage cartridges and 12" tonearm for playing transcription discs;

Audio Desk Systeme ultrasonic vinyl cleaner